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We Authenticate Every Item

LLBazar has the most rigorous authentication process in the marketplace.

We are a resale company that authenticates every single item we sell— we do more to remove fakes from the market every day and put counterfeiters out of business.

We have a rigorous, brand-specific authentication process. Our team works diligently and is constantly innovating to ensure we maintain the highest standards and keep fraudulent products off the market.

Every member of our authentication team receives thorough training on all categories of products they authenticate. All authenticators also participate in ongoing training sessions throughout their tenure to identify counterfeiting trends as part of our unrelenting commitment to stay ahead of counterfeiters. It is essential to us that each employee receives the training they need to feel supported and be successful.  

Have questions about our commitment to authenticity? See our most commonly asked authenticity questions for more information.


Honoring heritage brands and extending the lifecycle of luxury items.